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Introducing, Sydney Pulliam! Kinesphere's new physical therapist.

“I’ve been through physical therapy, myself, when I was younger and I knew I wanted to be that person, like my physical therapists who helped me,” says Sydney Pulliam, DPT.

Reflecting on the positive experience she had with rehabilitation after having knee surgery, Sydney Pulliam had been inspired from a young age to work hard to become the physical therapist she is today.

Upon graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from Alcorn State University, Sydney was accepted into the New York Medical College where she earned her Doctorate of Physical Therapy. While in school, Sydney was the recipient of the American Academy of Physical Therapy Scholarship for her dedication to the profession.

Sydney Pulliam, DPT

“Knowing what we know now, my injuries had a lot do with hypermobility.” Here at Kinesphere, we know that dancers are inherently often hypermobile. In elementary school, Sydney was introduced to ballet, modern dance, and jazz, and continued to immerse herself in these dance styles throughout high school. Sydney then advanced on to teaching dance in college and later treated collegiate dancers during her last clinical rotation in New York.

Through analyzing her own experiences, Sydney has found deep understanding and a personal connection to treating patients. “I like to work collaboratively and keep things very individualized for each patient,” she stated. Sydney explained how she focuses on not only the needs of her patients, but their lifestyles as well, curating each plan of care with the expectation that it can be easily maintained in each patients’ day to day life.

When she’s not treating patients, Sydney continues to be the go-getter she is. Whether it’s going on a trip or on a shopping spree, you can find her taking it all in. She lives life positively and takes the time to find insight with each new experience.

Sydney will begin seeing patients starting October 30th. Call us today at (816) 379-6899 to schedule.

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