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Kinesphere Pilates Mat Classes

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Mat classes require only a mat and a body and classes are limited to no more than 8 individuals. Mat classes are great on their own or as a supplement to our equipment sessions, and participants can practice anywhere, anytime! Additionally, if a participant has individual physical challenges, for example, osteoperosis/osteopenia, joint replacement, stenosis, scoliosis, disc issues, etc., our staff is educated and trained to provide you a safe and challenging workout, while addressing or avoiding movement in the affected areas.

Virtual Mat Class Option

For those who are not comfortable coming to our Pilates studio, we also offer a virtual option for all our mat classes. All mat classes are set up using zoom, and for those who would rather stay at home during these Covid19 times, you may sign up choosing the virtual option. This is the same class, taught by the same instructor, and while some will choose to be in class in person, others will choose to stay home. Our instructors are equipt to teach to all, but the total number of students whether at home or in person, will not exceed 8 people.

Pilates Mat Class Schedule


6:00 pm (in person and virtual)


9:00 am (in person and virtual)

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