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COVID-19 Information

We continue to offer high level physical therapy and Pilates in our clinic and are doing all we can to prevent the spread of CV19.    


At this time, we have continued to evolve with recommended standards:


  • We will wear masks when requested by patients

  • We expect our patients do not attend therapy when they are experiencing any illness symptoms, and are potentially infectious to our staff or other patients

  • We will be disinfecting our spaces regularly

  • We ask that you minimize bringing other people with you to an appointment so to reduce exposure risk

  • We ask that when you arrive, you wash your hands and also wash them as you leave either in our sink or in the bathroom


 We will continue to utilize telehealth to see patients who are high risk or who simply do not   feel comfortable coming in.  We have enjoyed having a unique avenue for continuing to provide high quality “distanced” care for our patients. 


Feel free to call us about your therapy options either in person or through telehealth.



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