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Massage Therapy

Kinesphere Physical Therapy LLC is pleased to have such a talented massage therapist in our practice.  Sixty, ninety or one hundred twenty minute sessions can be booked through our telephone number, or through the web link below.  

Art Kent LMT, B.S   B.A.  NCTMB

Art is trained in many modalities of bodywork including CranioSacral, Visceral Manipulation Myofascial Release, KMI (an advanced form of myofascial work) Strain Counter Strain, and three types of energy work,( Reiki,  Quantum Touch, and Bio-Energy).  Art holds a BA in Theatrical Design and a BS in Nutrition both from Park University.  Art is a certified Yoga teacher.   Art has been a Lighting and set designer for the theaters in and around Kansas City for over 30years and has over 500 design credits.  Art Started his Massage work in 1989.  It grew out of situations that arose while working at the Santa Fe Opera.  Somehow the two fields seemed intertwined, so Art just continued to with both.

With the diversity in training, Art's treatments may not always look like a traditional massage.   “Every treatment is focused on what is needed for you on that particular visit. Using a combination of CranioSacral, massage, KMI (Kinesis Myofascial Integration), and energy work. I create a specialized session that fits your needs. Many of my clients deal with chronic pain, migraines, concussions,  postural issues, stress, and daily pains and aches of active living.” What will your session look like? Hard to say, a stress relief massage may start as a typical massage and turn into a  myofascial treatment.  Most sessions end with some CranioSacral and energy work to calm the nervous system and integrate the work that has been done during the session.  If you are visiting for pain reasons, wearing loose comfortable clothes or shorts and a tee shirt or sports bra for women is best. There are times when movement is incorporated into the work.   The treatment will often be done while working through the clothes, preserving privacy and allowing the greatest benefits of the session. This is not your typical massage. But you will leave with less pain and stress.

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