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Scoliosis Rehabilitation

Ashley Herrman DPT and Noelle Dowma DPT, BFA are certified in S1 and S2, from the Barcelona Scoliosis Physical Therapy School.  They received their training from Beth Janssen, PT.  This is one of the three Schroth based physical therapy programs.  They can treat symptomatic adults and post surgical cases in addition to adolescents and adults.


Additionally, Ashley and Noelle specialize in using Pilates in rehabilitation of scoliosis.  

This allows for corrective and optimized movement of the spine and extremities, using the Pilates apparatus.  Noelle has taught on this topic in local, regional and national venues, including being a presenter at the Pilates on Tour Rehabilitation Summit in 2015 and Missouri Physical Therapy Association Spring Conference 2017.  


Schroth based scoliosis programs involve using wall bars and small apparatus to elongate and balance the spine.  This treatment was developed by Katharina Schroth and has been evolved over time to include some upcoming random controlled trials supporting its effectiveness in scoliosis rehabilitation.


As a certified practitioner,  Ashley and Noelle take the patient through individualized Schroth based exercises to create a home program that helps to daily balance the spine.  This can be done in conjunction with bracing, spine surgery (or preparation for) and sports specific applications. 


When patients are local, this can be done in a regular 1-2x/week physical therapy environment over a few months.  There is also the option for out of town patients to attend an intense session where she/he receives 2x/day therapy sessions for a week, with options to return later for updates.  

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