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Our Staff

Ashley Headshot18.jpg

Ashley Herrman, DPT

Educational Background:  Ashley graduated with an Associate of Science as a Physical Therapist Assistant, and practiced for a few years while earning her Bachelor of Health Science from Washburn University, and then received her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from the University of Kansas Medical Center.  She has been practicing in outpatient orthopedics since 2003.  Extensive continuing education has been pursued through North American Institute of Orthopedic Manual Therapy (NAIOMT), Kinetic Control, Polestar Pilates Education, Michigan State University's School of Osteopathic Medicine (craniosacral) and Schroth Barcelona Scoliosis Physical Therapy School (C1 and C2 certified).  In her career she has provided individualized rehab for all types of musculoskeletal injuries of the spine and extremities, post-surgical rehab, sports medicine, and neurologic conditions.   Thoroughly analyzing a patient’s movement patterns and muscle imbalances are crucial to her practice, as is extensive patient education so to ensure long term success.


Pilates:  Ashley did her rehabilitation specific Pilates training through Polestar Pilates Education in Kansas City, taught by  Noelle.  She completed her apprenticeship hours and successfully passed her graduation exam, allowing her to be an official Polestar Pilates Practitioner.  Ashley also is trained in Oov and Konnector. 

Sports Medicine:  Ashley particularly enjoys working with athletes, as they prepare to return to sport after injury.  As an athlete herself, Ashley understands the demands of sports and rehabilitates them using her extensive continuing education.  This even extends to dance medicine, as she applies biomechanical principles to allow for restoration of dance technique.


Dance Medicine: Although Ashley is not a dancer, she is experienced with treating the needs of the dancer and has excellent success in her outcomes.   She has taught performers from Broadway shows as well as local dance studios.  


Leslie headshot21.jpg

Leslie Ricketts, MPT, COMT, MCT

Educational Background: Leslie graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Exercise Physiology from Drury University, prior to earning her Master of Physical Therapy from Rockhurst University. She has been working in outpatient orthopaedic settings since 2002, where she has had the opportunity to work with all types of orthopaedic issues, and has specifically enjoyed working with patients with neck and back pain. This led her to advance her training and receive a certification in manual therapy through the International Academy of Orthopedic Medicine (IAOM). She has done extensive training through the IAOM related to treating the shoulder, elbow, hip, and knee as well. Additional training occurred through the Institute of Physical Art (IPA) and this has been helpful in improving patient muscle activation and function. Leslie’s treatment focus is on identifying the source of the dysfunction, improving the joint mobility or stability, correcting the muscle imbalances, and returning the patient to her/his best mechanics and function. She believes in strong communication with her patients so to address their dysfunctions and collaborate to meet their goals.

Sports Medicine: Leslie enjoys using her own personal experience as an athlete, in addition to her training, to aid in her care of athletes of all ages. Her MOVNAT certification has enabled her to provide natural movement education and instruction to beginner through advanced mover. She has worked with athletes from many different backgrounds and strives to provide individualized sport-specific therapy to each patient. One of her favorite sports is soccer where she continues to stay active by coaching a youth team.

Pilates: Leslie is a Polestar Pilates Education graduate, having studied the comprehensive rehabilitation series and enjoys how much benefit Pilates brings her patients. 


Pulliam S Headshot 2.jpeg

Sydney Pulliam, DPT

Educational Background: Sydney graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from Alcorn State University before earning her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from New York Medical College. While in school, Sydney was the recipient of the American Academy of Physical Therapy Scholarship for her dedication to the profession. Sydney has experience working in outpatient orthopedic settings throughout the country, since 2021, which has contributed to her treatment style.  Focusing on providing care specific to her patients’ lifestyles and needs is her approach to providing excellent care.  She has special interest in orthopaedics and the older population.  She believes in working collaboratively with her patients to improve overall function and quality of life. 

Dance Medicine: As a former dancer, Sydney understands dancers’ unique needs. While in college Sydney taught ballet and jazz dance. During her last clinical rotation in New York, Sydney treated collegiate dancers. She is passionate about working with dancers and performing artists.


McCoy, Megan headshot23.jpeg

Megan McCoy, DPT, NCPT

Educational Background:  Megan graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of San Diego and then received her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Emory University. Through her education and career, Megan has gained extensive experience working with orthopedic injuries of varying levels. She has special interests in injury prevention, athletes, chronic pain, and neurological impairments. Megan approaches each patient with dedication, seeing her patients through their illness or injury and working toward achieving their highest level of function. Empowering her patients to take responsibility for their own wellness and learn to maximize their potential, with her guidance, is how Megan approaches her role as a physical therapist.


Pilates: Megan trained through The Pilates Center based out of Boulder, CO, whose owners, Amy Alpers and Rachel Segel, studied with Pilates Elder Romana Kryzanowsky, a long-time student of Joseph Pilates. Her advanced teacher training was completed at The Pilates Center and is Nationally Certified in Pilates.  She has assisted on teaching lectures to Duke University PT students on Pilates Physical Therapy and worked in a private practice using Pilates equipment in North Carolina.  The vastly beneficial nature of Pilates, regardless of illness or impairment, is one of Megan’s favorite aspects of her physical therapy practice.


Sports Medicine:  Megan enjoys working with athletes, from a prehab role to a return to sport role.  As an athlete herself, she knows the major role physical therapists play in both preventing injury and rehab to return to sport. She has worked with a wide variety of sports and hones in on the specific movement patterns and muscle activation needed for each individual athlete.

Noelle Headshot18.jpg

Noelle Dowma DPT, BFA, NCPT, CMTPT

Educational Background:  Noelle graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Ballet Pedagogy from the University of Oklahoma and then received her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine.  She has been working in outpatient orthopaedic settings since 2002.  Since graduation, Noelle has pursued extensive continuing education through Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine (has taken ALL of the offered courses), Kinetic control, Pilates based coursework, C1 and C2 BSPT Schroth certified, manual lymph drainage certified by Evergreen Certifications, Progressing Ballet Technique, and is Dry Needling Certified through Myopain seminars.  Musculoskeletal injuries of the spine and all extremities are her main realm of experience.  In addition, her areas of specialization include: osteopathic based manual therapy, Pilates based rehabilitation, dance medicine, craniosacral therapy, dry needling, manual lymph drainage, osteoporosis, hypermobility syndromes, and scoliosis. Noelle is the owner of Kinesphere Physical Therapy LLC.


Pilates:  Noelle began studying Pilates when rehabilitating a dance injury in 1992.  Since that time, she trained through the Physical Mind Institute, Polestar Pilates Education and is Nationally Pilates Certified.  She is a Principal Educator for Polestar Pilates Education, where she teaches fitness and rehabilitation professionals how to use Pilates with their clients and patients.  Having taught across the United States, Caribbean, and Mexico, Noelle is a regular presenter at courses and conferences.  Pilates was a part of Noelle’s life before becoming a Physical Therapist and it continues to be an essential part of her success with patients.  Noelle developed the Pilates program at the Kansas City Ballet school. Noelle also teaches for Oov Education and is trained in the Konnector.  


Dance Medicine:  Noelle continues to dance today, but the professional training of her Bachelor of Fine Arts allows her the understanding of a dancer’s career, body and injuries.   The Miami City Ballet and Broadway shows were Noelle’s past dance medicine experience before moving to Kansas City in 2006.  Noelle teaches at local dance schools, including the Kansas City Ballet School and has been invited to teach at dance schools in the US and Mexico.  As a sought after dance medicine physical therapist, Noelle works on touring Broadway shows coming through Kansas City and also served as the dance medicine specialist at Children's Mercy. She most recently presented in the 2017 International Association of Dance Medicine and Science conference.  Additionally, she is certified in Progressing Ballet Technique (PBT).  



Stacey Curtis Yeager, PT

Educational Background: Stacey earned her Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Louisiana State University.  She continued her education overseas, completing her Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy at the Fontys Hogeschool in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, in 1997.  After graduation, she moved to New York City where her work focused on outpatient orthopedics.  With extensive continuing education mainly through the Institute of Physical Art, Stacey considers herself a manual focused therapist.  The focus of IPA courses is to teach Functional Manual Therapy: “Functional Manual Therapy® is an integrated and seamless treatment system which couples mechanical treatment of the joints, soft tissues, visceral and neurovascular systems with manual neuromuscular facilitation to enhance optimum motor control and human function.” Stacey enjoys providing therapy in a “one-on-one” treatment focus, where she treats musculoskeletal injuries of the spine and all extremities. 

Dance Medicine: Early in her career, she treated the performing arts community by working backstage at several Broadway theaters.  This work included the famed Rockettes of Radio City Music Hall and professional ballet company dancers.  She presented injury-prevention workshops and body mechanics workshops to several companies. 

Sports Medicine: When in New York, her other career emphasis was centered on sports physical therapy, working inside gyms and honing her orthopedic manual skills.  Stacey enjoys assessing running, and sports specific physical movements, so to integrate them with her IPA training. 

Yoga/Pilates:  While in New York, Stacey began studying yoga, specifically Anusara Yoga, which is a style of yoga with an extensive Biomechanical basis.  She completed three Anusara immersion trainings followed by a Level I Teacher Training, providing her with an in depth knowledge of the biomechanics of yoga. Stacey has also completed the first level of Polestar Pilates Education training. 



Katie Cornwell, BFA, MBA, NCPT

Katie Cornwell is the owner of Kinesphere Pilates. She has a B.F.A. in ballet pedagogy from the University of Oklahoma and has been teaching ballet to all ages and levels for more than twenty years. Katie was introduced to Pilates in college, and after developing a chronic case of tendonitis while dancing, she began to take particular interest in Pilates for both fitness and rehabilitation benefits. Pilates allowed her to maintain her level of fitness while healing her injury, and when she returned to dancing she found that she was stronger and dancing better than ever.

After more than 10 years of being a Pilates enthusiast, Katie decided to become a certified instructor. She graduated from Polestar Pilates International in 2013 and is Nationally Pilates Certified.  Katie also has advanced Pilates training in women’s health and lower extremity pathologies through Polestar Pilates International, the Oov, and Konnector movement. Katie is privileged to serve as a mentor-in-training for Polestar Pilates International. She is an adjunct faculty member for Storling Conservatory through Visible College and The Culture House. Katie enjoys teaching ballet and Pilates at The Culture House as well.

Katie is married and has three daughters. She holds an MBA in business strategy from Drury University, and in a former life worked in institutional advancement and arts management. She loves empowering her Pilates clients to discover their best versions of themselves, and hopes that every person she works with leaves the studio feeling better, mentally and physically, than when they arrived.

Leah Slavens

Leah began her career in movement in 1994 when she began taking RAD ballet classes through a professional track ballet studio in Houston, Texas. In 2006, she  an participated in an apprenticeship program with Inlet Dance Theatre in Cleveland, Ohio which led to pursuing a better understanding of the art form from Belhaven College from 2007-2009. 


In 2009, Leah took her movement international and performed in Paris, France for Pari je T’aime, and taught a worship master class in Rome, Italy.  Moving to Kansas City in 2011, she continued to pursue movement in the context of worship and intercession culminating with a piece of her being performed in Jerusalem, Israel in 2014.


Leah joined Dramatic Truth Ballet Theatre as an apprentice in 2015 and found her true joy of teaching in 2016. In 2018, Leah was invited to become the head of the modern department at Dramatic Truth School of the Arts, where she served until the pandemic of 2020 brought her to learn more about the functions of the body at Spirit of Health, finally opening the door for her to pursue certification in Polestar Pilates. With 6 years teaching experience, she is excited to continue to connect people to the beauty of movement as an offering to the Living God.

Cathy Mages photo.jpg

Cathy Mages

Cathy Mages has studied and taught body movement for most of her life.  As a Kansas City native, she grew up studying ballet, tap, jazz and acrobatics as well as dancing with the Kansas City Civic Ballet Company. Her teaching career began at the Davidson Dance Studio while in high school and she also taught in her home after school.  Cathy graduated from Texas Christian University with a dual major in Ballet and Modern Dance performance and choreography and danced with the Fort Worth Ballet Company. 

After a career in the hospitality industry, Cathy started taking Pilates for her own exercise regime in 1997 and realized what a wonderful tool it was for both exercise and rehabilitation of the body.  She is Stott-trained in the Pilates Methodology along with completing the Polestar Pilates Methodology with Noelle Dowma.  Teaching now for 20 years, Cathy has also studied with many great Pilates teachers:  Ron Fletcher, Elizabeth Jones, Michelle Larson, Michael Miller to name a few.  She has worked with Dr. Nancy Wiese D.O., of Art of Health in Dallas, TX on many clients with major spinal and joint challenges, using Pilates as a basis for re-gaining movement quality. 


I am passionate about movement in the human body and truly feel that the Pilates Methodology can be used to address all body challenges: weight loss, muscle group balancing, rehab after injury and/or surgery, flexibility, biomechanics, plus! Having used my own body all my life for performance, leisure and work, I understand movement and can quickly assess your needs. I then develop a program especially designed for your body that will enhance your quality of movement and quality of life. Very close attention is paid to how you learn, making the experience positive, easy and fulfilling. My commitment as your teacher is to offer you the most accurate information and empower you to take charge of your own fitness.  Please join me in this journey of improving our lives – it’s never too late to start!

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