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Kinesphere Pilates Equipment Classes

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Kinesphere Physical Therapy shares space with Kinesphere Pilates who uses talented Pilates teachers. Here is what currently is offered:


Pilates  Classes offered at Kinesphere Pilates




TuesdayPilates Equipment Circuit Class: 11:00-12:25pm

                       Pilates Equipment Circuit Class: 6:30-7:25pm


Wednesday: Pilates Equipment Circuit Class: 11:30-12:25pm

             Pilates Mat Class: 6:00-6:55pm


Thursday: Pilates Equipment Circuit Class: 11-11:55pm

Pilates Equipment Circuit Class: 5-5:55pm

Pilates Equipment Circuit Class: 6-6:55pm

Saturday: Pilates Mat Class: 9-9:55am

Pilates Equipment Circuit Class 11-11:55am

Sunday: Pilates Equipment Circuit Class 2-2:55pm

Pilates Dancer's Only Equipment Class 3-3:55pm  

Pilates Beginner Single Equipment Class 4-3:55pm


Classes are booked through an online system.  Please click the button below to register:

Taught by Katie Cornwell MBA, BFA, PMA-CPT

Katie Cornwell has a B.F.A. in Dance from the University of Oklahoma and has been teaching ballet to all ages and levels for more than a decade. She was introduced to Pilates in college, but after developing a chronic case of tendonitis she really began to take interest in its benefits. Pilates allowed her to maintain her level of fitness while healing her injury, and when she returned to dancing she found that she was stronger and dancing better than ever. After more than 10 years of being a Pilates enthusiast, Katie decided to become a certified instructor. She graduated from Polestar Pilates International in 2013 and is a certified Pilates trainer through the Pilates Method Alliance.  Katie also has advanced Pilates training in women’s health through Polestar Pilates International, and as a mother of three has a special interest in women’s health issues.  Katie holds an MBA from Drury University, and in a former life worked in institutional advancement and arts management.

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