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Our Spring Newsletter Is Here!

Updated: Mar 14, 2019

April is Parkinson's awareness month:


According to the NIH, approximately 50,000 people are diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease (PD) in the U.S. each year and about half a million people in the U.S live with the disease. Parkinson’s Disease is a progressive disease in which there is LESS dopamine being produced in the brain, leading to symptoms such as slow movement, rigid muscles, impaired coordination, postural instability, and often depression. The National Parkinson’s Foundation encourages frequent intensive exercise focusing on promoting flexibility, aerobic exercise and strength training which are essential in helping slow down the progression of Parkinson’s. Physical activity improves quality of life and helps maintain functional mobility especially for those with Parkinson’s Disease.


In a recent study conducted by Beth Fisher et al., researchers at the University of Southern California found exercise may impact the brain. On a day-to-day basis, people with PD who exercised moved more normally than those who did not. The article suggests that for some, the building of new connections from exercise may outweigh the neurodegeneration that affects people with PD. There are multiple studies that have found high intensity exercise is safe for early stages of PD and less intense exercise is imperative for individuals with PD to stay mobile. Movement is a key essential in improving quality of life. It is imperative for individuals with Parkinson’s to stay active and move as well as battle depression. Locate a Physical Therapist who specializes in working with individuals with Parkinson’s to help initiate a program for mobility.


Pilates Based Rehab: The Pilates Method, specifically using the apparatus (equipment), works to improve the symptoms of Parkinson’s. Individuals with Parkinson’s often struggle with rigid movement, have poor postural control and impaired balance. Pilates is a mind body technique that focuses that facilitates controlled movement patters, core stability, postural alignment and efficient breathing patterns which carryover to daily functional task such as dressing and walking. Use of the Pilates equipment facilitates proper movement patterns and helps decrease rigidity while improving strength.


Created by Lee Silverman Voice Treatment Global the LSVT Big program uses specialized physical therapy techniques. The techniques require patients to make big, whole-body movements over and over. LSVT BIG exercises increase range of motion and cause patient to use all their muscles, from head to toe. The intensive therapy can improve flexibility, increase walking speed, improve core strength and improve balance. Physical Therapist certified in LSVT BIG are trained to work with individuals with Parkinson’s to improve their quality of movement.


KINESPHERE PHYSICAL THERAPY offers neurological therapy with a focus on working with individuals with Parkinson’s Disease. Tamara Neff, DPT specializes in the evaluation and treatment of individuals with movement impairments due to disease or injury to the nervous system. Tamara has pursued extensive training in neurological rehabilitation with training in Neuro-Developmental Technique, Pilates based rehabilitation and vestibular rehabilitation. She is a LSVT BIG® certified practitioner specializing in treatment of individuals with Parkinson’s disease. As a physical therapist with extensive clinical experience and specialty training, she brings a comprehensive approach to the care of her patients.

Exercise While at Play:

As a working mom with young children, finding time to work out can be rather challenging. Do your best to try and integrate exercises into activities with your children. I often find myself doing balance exercises, squats, lunges, and planks or push-ups off of playground equipment when I am with my children at the park. Rather than just standing around watching to make sure they are safe or not throwing rocks at someone, I too can be getting some exercise in. Trying to sneak a few minutes in for ourselves is so important.

On those rainy days where we may be stuck inside, consider doing family exercise time. My kids like to create an obstacle course in the house. While they are doing that, you can use this time to do exercises such as core stability or lunges/squats. If you find yourself playing on the floor with a baby, you can interact with them while you do some planks or core exercises on your hands and knees. Getting some baby giggles while you are working out is always good motivation to keep going!

Ashley Herrman, DPT

Summer Dance Intensive:

Timing is everything! School year dance classes tend to wrap up in May after some sort of performance or recital. There often is then a lapse in classes until summer intensives begin in June.

This year, make sure to give your body a week or so of rest, and then make sure to consciously increase your activity to "ramp up" to the number of hours you will be dancing in your summer intensive. Get creative: do some cross training at the gym or pool or Pilates studio. Physical activity will only help to condition your body for the 8 hours per day, 5 days per week you will be dancing.

The more this can be considered, the less likely you will be injured and miss out on the fantastic opportunity to improve yourself as a dancer, in your summer intensive.

Noelle Dowma, DPT, BFA

Oov Education Course:

Don't miss out! April 13-14, 2019...Oov training taught at our facility. Check out our website for more details!

Pilates Classes:


Pilates Equipment Class:9- 9:55am

Pilates Equipment Class: 6-6:55pm ​


Pilates Beginner Equipment Class 7- 7:55am

Pilates Equipment Class: 11:30-12:25pm

Pilates Beginner Equipment Class: 5:45-6:40pm


Pilates Equipment Class: 11:30-12:25pm

Pilates Mat Class: 5:45-6:40pm


Pilates Equipment Class: 11-11:55pm Pilates Equipment Class: 12-12:55pm Pilates Equipment Class: 6-6:55pm


Pilates Equipment Class 11-11:55am Pilates Mat Class: 12-12:55pm ​


Pilates Equipment Class 2-2:55pm Pilates Beginner Equipment Class 3-3:55pm

Call and ask about Private Pilates Sessions with Monika, Bree or Katie. They all offer various hours to fit your schedule.


Kinesphere Physical Therapy and Pilates

10880 Benson Drive, STE 2370

Overland Park, KS 66210

(816) 379-6899

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