Polestar Pilates Education


Training at Kinesphere Physical Therapy LLC:



Noelle Dowma DPT, BFA is a Polestar Pilates principal educator.  This means that she teaches teacher training courses for rehabilitation and fitness professionals.  Polestar Pilates is known for its critically reasoned, rehabilitation approach to Pilates. Add this approach to your toolbox and see your career grow!


Kansas City Area 2020 Comprehensive Series:


S/R1:  August 22-23, 20

S/R2: September 26-27, 20

S/R3: October 17-18, 20

S/R4: November 14-15, 20

S/R5: January 30-31, 21

S/R6: February 27-28, 21


* Principles of Movement is a pre-requisite to these courses and is taken online (to be completed prior to the S/R1 date).


These courses cover mat, reformer, cadillac/trapeze table, chair, ladder barrel and spine corrector exercises. You will learn how to: work with injured and healthy populations, develop appropriate exercise programs, teach with verbal/imagery/tactile cues and formulate a critically reasoned approach to Pilates. When you complete your training and graduate from Polestar, you will be eligible to sit for the national Pilates exam to become Pilates Certified.