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How Virtual Schroth Classes Can Help You Meet Your Physical Therapy Goals.

In the past year of the pandemic, we have had to learn new skills and telehealth is one of them! Over a year ago, we were 100% virtual, so to continue to serve our patients. In this time, I and our therapy team learned to pivot in watching a computer screen to help our patients with their body mechanics and exercises, and it worked well! We were able to see things that would not have been possible before…such as their real desk set up, or posture when chopping in the kitchen. It really was a window into what was happening when our patients were not in our clinic, and this was so helpful!

In the types of diagnoses that we had ease with evaluating and treating, scoliosis was one of these. We were able to assess posture quite well, run our patients through range of motion and strength tests and then educate them on options for physical therapy treatments for scoliosis.

This same principle has been true with our Schroth classes. We have had on site and virtual spots open for quite a while and when we have a willing (parent? friend? sibling?) camera person, we can see form and instruct how to alter it during class sessions.

Until we can have people closer together again, for opening up more live Schroth class spots, this is a VERY viable option to ensure that exercises are being done correctly. Our onsite spots have been filling fast (we only have 2 spots open right now to ensure enough distancing) so our virtual spots are a fantastic alternative.

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