Schroth Classes


Kinesphere Physical Therapy does Schroth like its original form--in a group!

In order to participate in class, you will need to have been through 8-10 hours of Schroth Physical Therapy sessions, where you learned the Schroth repertoire for home use.  If you have gone through this process, then you can sign up for classes.

We are now doing a hybrid format.  We will be having class happening in two ways simultaneously.  We will have a maximum of four students per class  onsite and then will also have up to one slot for a virtual participant.  If you are the virtual participant, we ask that you try to have another person around to move the camera so our instructor can help correct you and see your form. 

                           Class time(s):

June 13, 22 10am

June 30, 22 3pm

July 29, 22 4pm

August 31, 22, 4pm

Price: $45 per class onsite, $35 per virtual class

*Masks are required

These classes  use an online registration--click button below: