Kinesphere Pilates Equipment Classes


Kinesphere Pilates offers small group classes which utilize all the Pilates apparatus: reformer, cadillac, chair, ladder barrel, spine corrector, and the Oov. Additionally, all of our reformers are outfitted with Konnector straps, deepening the mind-body experience. Small group classes are structured for up to four individuals, and are ideal for individuals who enjoy a group fitness setting, and offer a fun and economical option for the Pilates enthusiast. Small group classes can be a nice supplement to individuals already participating in a private or duet session, or mat class, who would like to practice Pilates more than once a week...although they are a great choice all on their own! It is strongly encouraged that any person joining a small group class either complete a private or a duet session first or be cleared for participation in a class by a Kinesphere Physical Therapy therapist. If an individual is unable to attend a private or a duet session, and has not been cleared for group class participation by a Kinesphere Physical Therapy therapist, then that individual must first enroll in beginner level equipment classes.

Equipment Class Schedule
Monday   Tuesday   Wednesday  
                                                                   9:30 am   11:00 am                                                 
                                                                                     6:30 pm                          
Thursday   Friday   Saturday   Sunday
                                                              11:00 am   11:30 am 11:00 am    2:00 pm
                                                                5:00 pm    5:30 pm                      3:00 pm*
                                                                6:00 pm                             
* Indicates beginner level Pilates equipment class