COVID-19 Information

We realize this is a time of uncertainty, and anxiety as we are dealing with the corona virus. First and foremost we want to acknowledge the multiple challenges you are sorting through. We hope you can find moments of peace.

As of right now, we are physically closed until April 26, 2020. We are doing our part to stop the spread of the virus



But, this does not mean we are not open for business!  We are shifting to seeing our appropriate patients virtually. These virtual visits are called telehealth visits and consist of us using an interactive video conference to perform evaluations, education, and assessment of: posture, ergonomics, exercise execution, plus the need for progression of your current exercises.    


At this very moment, it looks like United Health Care and Blue Cross Blue Shield are allowing PT visits to happen virtually (aka with telehealth).

To date, Medicare only has approved "e visits" which are minimal correspondence with a PT over phone/email/video over a 7 day period. If you are interested in this service, you may contact us to initiate it.

If you have Humana or Tricare, their policy is to match what Medicare does, so you are in the same situation of not having telehealth yet covered by insurance. You are always welcome to receive these services and pay for them out of pocket. We are hopeful that this situation will change, but only if we all speak up about it!

We would LOVE your help with telling Medicare (which will filter to Tricare and Humana) that you want this service to be provided during this time and beyond. Please follow this link to see a form letter (with your instructions at the top) that you can email today. It seriously would take 1 minute of your time.



Give us a call if you are interested in a telehealth visit.  


We continue to be very active on social media.  Follow us via the icons below.  Thank you for your understanding and please do follow guidelines to stay healthy.  We wish you the best.